10 Year "Velocities" (click to sort)

These "velocities" are 10 year trends, the slopes ('m' from y = mx+b) of the linear regressions of 10 years of data. Note that, just as correlation does not imply causation, inertia does not guarantee continuity!
Ticker Company Name Interactive Chart Super-Interactive Chart Revenue Slope (mil-USD/yr) Net Income Slope (mil-USD/yr) Market Cap (mil-USD/yr) Book Value Slope (mil-USD/yr) Shares Outstanding Slope (mil/year) P/E Ratio Slope P/B Ratio Slope LT Debt (%/L+SE) Slope (%change/year)
MSFT Microsoft Corporation Interactive Line Chart Motion Chart 4671.65 1271.48 -6361.46 -668.31 -317.62 -2.2 -0.07 1.73
PCLN priceline.com Incorporated Interactive Line Chart Motion Chart 338.71 94.88 -24092.04 -8827.56 -1279.84 -1.41 0.68 -5.03

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